If you have dirty, duplicated or outdated data - you need Bumblebee.

It's a brand-new solution addressing an age-old problem: What to do about dirty data.

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    Duplicate Identification & Record Queening

    Duplicate Identification & Record Queening

    Bumblebee’s rigorous matching algorithm analyzes your data to identify duplicate records. Matches are returned to you with a unifying group ID and an assembled Queen Bee record containing the best available data from all records in the duplicate group, saving you countless hours on merging.

    Contact Data Validation

    Contact Data Validation

    Your emails are validated and flagged with a risk score which indicates message deliverability. Postal addresses are run through deliverability and change of address databases to identify potential address corrections. Phone numbers are validated against regularly updated carrier registries. Websites are pinged for status codes; invalid or inaccurate websites will be flagged.


    Standardization & Cleaning

    Where possible, your data is transformed to conform to the most commonly used formats existing in your data including, cASe, state, country and phone number. Leading/trailing white spaces and leading punctuation are removed and invalid data (e.g. emails without ‘@’, URLs having ‘wwww’, phones/zips without required numeric characters, etc.) are flagged.


    Many associations already perform some level of hygiene and deduplication.  Bumblebee is a cut above due to these features:


    pproach to tackling data hygiene, email & postal validation, duplication, and standardization in one pass.


    methods to identify record duplicates & matches beyond simple email comparison, match key, etc.


    assembles a priority record for merging using the best available details, saving you countless comparison hours.


    approach, returns your clean data in just 1 week whether you have 10,000 or 2,000,000 records.


    Bumblebee has the flexibility to be leveraged on any dataset.


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