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Bumblebee offers several levels of engagement for partners from simple referral agreements to integrated sales and technical partners.

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    Marketing/Group Partners

    Our marketing or group partners promote Bumblebee to their clients or members directly as part of a marketing and promotions agreement. Partners are permitted to offer Bumblebee's service at an agreed upon discounted ``member`` or ``group`` rate. Discounted rates are determined by anticipated volume. a minimum of 10 projects in a 12 month period are required to retain partner pricing. An additional commission is paid to the partner directly for any closed sales. Examples include: AMCs, service providers, membership organizations.

    Referral Partners

    Referral partners provide the Bumblebee team with direct referral introductions to potential clients. No client pre-qualifications required. A standard referral fee is available on all qualified new leads that close within 6 months of referral. Referral partners can retain their referral fee or pass the savings on to their referrals. Example partners: Consultants, service providers, happy clients who want to tell their friends!

    Strategic/Technical Partners

    Our strategic technical partners include Bumblebee as part of their sales process, typically offered during a client's implementation process. All strategic technical partners are responsible for the closing of a Bumblebee sale and are provided discounted pricing. Partners can choose to pass some or all of the savings on to their clients directly. A minimum of 5 projects in a 12 month period are required to retain partner pricing. Example partners: SaaS providers including, AMS, analytics, events and email marketing platforms.

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    Our Partners


    Association Analytics is the leading provider of business intelligence and data analytics for association professionals.

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    Computer System Innovations, Inc. is a software development and consulting firm specializing in not-for-profit AMS implementations and custom solutions.

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    Impexium empowers associations to make better decisions, execute with precision and delight their members.


    Omatic Software provides integration solutions for subscriptions to unlock a nonprofit’s mission impact.


    ShuffleLabs is a technology solutions provider specializing in the delivery of best business solutions and results, in answer to your business technology needs.