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Bumblebee Data’s 2022 Data Hygiene Year in Review

As a data hygiene company, we at Bumblebee Data have been hard at work this year ensuring that our customers’ data is accurate and up to date. We’ve evaluated more than 3 million records and want to share our findings with you!  We’ll explore the current state of data organization, how duplicate records continue to rise, the reasons behind a software switch, and some of the big changes we made in 2022. Let’s dive in!

Data Organization Remains a Challenge

Organizing data can be a challenge for anyone who works with it. This is especially true for organizations dealing with large amounts of customer or member data. Many organizations are still relying on manual processes or outdated tools that can make it difficult to organize and maintain data. Well organized data makes data hygiene efforts run much more smoothly. All the more reason to make data governance a key part of your data strategy in 2023.

Duplicate Records Continue to Rise

Duplicate records can lead to inaccurate reporting, customer confusion, or even worse—lost sales, declining membership rates and frustrated users. Unfortunately, duplicate records remain an issue for many businesses. The larger the database gets, the harder it is to detect them manually and take steps to remove them from their system altogether. Thankfully, automated solutions can help organizations quickly identify duplicates so they can take action before those duplicates become too big of a problem down the line.

Software Switch Continues to be the Biggest Driver for Data Clean Up

With our customers the biggest driver for cleaning up data was a planned switch of software platforms. There is no better time to clean your data when moving it to a shiny, new, and likely expensive, system. If you’re planning an AMS or CRM switch in 2023, now is the time to invest in a major data clean-up initiative.

Other drivers included concerns around decreased customer response due to inaccurate contact data and increasing outdated data driven by the high volume of turnover within customer and prospect organizations.

Big Changes for Bumblebee Data In 2022

In 2022, we made some major improvements here at Bumblebee Data! We built an internal API which allows us to connect more easily with other platforms and launched our new website which makes it easier than ever for customers to learn about our product offerings and services. We also made major improvements on our outputs (including reports) as well as added new features allowing customers greater insight into their own database’s quality. In 2023, we’ll be adding a customer dashboard so you can see your data’s improved quality over time. Additionally, we formed partnerships with leading software and middleware providers so that customers can easily integrate our services into existing systems and frameworks without disruption or downtime.

This year has been filled with exciting changes here at Bumblebee Data and we look forward making even bigger strides in 2023! At Bumblebee Data, our goal is to continue to deliver reliable solutions for CTOs, chief data officers, marketing teams, and membership managers alike! Thanks for joining us on this journey as we strive towards improving customer relationships and experiences through accurate and organized data.

Learn more about how Bumblebee Data can transform your data and help you achieve your goals in 2023. 

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